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Thrivism [Thrive!] - A  to Thriving Future for All 

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Thrivism (Thrive!®) is a path to, belief in, and vision of thriving future for all – all thrive forever. It is hopeful path. Inspiring vision. Positive belief system. Positive way of life. Thrivism

A Thrivist actively follows Thrivism path, embraces its belief system and lives its way of life. A Thrivist helps build and sustain a thriving future with and for all – each person, all people, all other creatures and Earth. Thrivist

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"Thrivism (Thrive!®)" [aka the small "Green Book"] is now available for purchase via (paperback and ebook) and as a free download here.

By design, this book, the small “Green Book”, on Thrivism does not go into great detail. Rather, it starts down the path. Lays out basics. Lays out foundational belief, key elements and questions for Thrivism. Finally, it lays out Thrivism’s potential uses in real life.

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Earth with Thrive

Vision - A thriving future where all thrive forever.[1]

Mission – Help a person, all people, all other creatures, and Earth strive for and achieve a surviving and thriving future. The human endeavor.

Foundational Belief – Humans, as person and people[2], have a unique need to survive and desire to thrive in the current world and a thriving future world.


[1] “All” is all humans, all other creatures, and Earth and beyond.

[2] “People” is a group of persons such as a family, community, country, world. 

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Thrive! - All Thrive Forever